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0605 Records Present: #W06ld Dominati05 Vol.1

17 Track compilation featuring some of the raddest & baddest independent music on the planet...

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It’s a bit hard (stupid? egotistical?) reviewing something that I helped put together and release, even more so reviewing something I’m actually on, so I’ll glide past the reviewing side of things, and just give this compilation a bit of history & publicity...
Me and Mike, who I do 0605 Records with spend a lot of time throwing darts and listening to music, the majority of it being punk rock and hip hop, its what we grew up on and still love to bits now. We wanted to put together a compilation of off the radar and underground bands from around the world, of great bands we’d listen to, and we wanted the compilation to represent the soundtrack to a good night. We also wanted to include a booklet, so that there’d be plenty to read about each band, links to all their stuff and all that good stuff. The mission was on, and after eventually agreeing on an hours worth of artists and songs (it’s probably worth noting, every single track on it by each artist was our first choice, no bands or songs are second choice, it came together exactly how we planned), the first 0605 Records #w06ld Dominat05 compilation was created late August 2013... We’re currently going through bands, and throwing around ideas for the second volume right now.
On with the artists:
Autopsy Boys - About Last Night
Our label, 0605 Records, came into existence with the help from this band from Leeds, so it seemed a perfect choice to have these guys open up the compilation. Laced with expletives and an uncontrollable anger towards Hollywood remakes of classic horror films, Autopsy Boys destroy your speakers with hardcore punk rock mixed up with some post-punk electro influence.
Nyiam - We See You
Laid back, red eyed hip hop from Canada. Nyiam crafts his perfect beats, and laces them with a perfect flow of rhymes, with a real ‘old school’ feel to it. Its one of those head bopping songs that will be stuck in your head from the first time you hear it. He has plenty of music out too, and its pretty much all for free, so be sure to go grab some.
Battle Born - Forget About Tomorrow
Hailing from Las Vegas, this four piece punk rock band have a powerful sound, but with enough tuneful melody and catchy hooks to keep anyone happy. Reminds us of the old punk bands we’d listen to back in our early teens, Bad Religion and their ilk, the perfect soundtrack to jump on a skateboard to, or dance around your house in a drunken stupor to.
Ded Rabbidz - Major League
One of the longest running, and most recognised bands on the album, Ded Rabbidz have shared stages and worked with everyone from Run DMC to Ozzy. Hard hitting, working class rap from Brooklyn, New York, this aint no half arsed pop music, this is as real as it gets. Whether you’re drinking Guinness, or getting into bare knuckle fist fights, this is the perfect soundtrack...
Against The Grain - Ride On
If Motorhead played punk rock, they would sound just like this band. Full speed, thrashy punk rock from Detroit, Michigan. This is music for whiskey drinking, car thrashing, beard owning real men, who love the smell of petrol and violence.
White Clouds & Gunfire - Turn Out The Lights
Sugar coated, female fronted pop punk from Peterborough. White Clouds & Gunfire are fast making a name for themselves on the UK punk scene, and are having great year after great year, with their debut album now out and tours lined up they are definitely one to watch out for. The perfect soundtrack to a sunshiny day.
 Madoa of Drop Squad - Sunshine
Modoa hails from North Carolina, and is part of hip hop group Drop Squad. Here he treats us to a perfect, uplifting track, with the help from MCs Nic Mercer & Jay Royale. And beautifully put together, soulful hip hop track, perfect for BBQs with the crew and good times.
Junior Bear - I Could’ve Been A Gangster
Junior Bear, from Leeds, was introduced to us by our buddies the Autopsy Boys. This guy has the Midas touch, anything he does is pure gold. This track has a soulful, hip hop feel to it, but has his own unique sound stamped all over it, and his perfect vocals shine through on it, telling the story of how life could’ve turned out.
DeadBeat At Dawn - Freedom
Both me and Mike sing for this band, 5 best buddies from Thirsk, North Yorkshire. A step away from our usual hardcore horror & ska-punk rap, this song lends more to bands like Fugazi, probably due to a session smoking salvia before writing it. One of the last songs we wrote, before taking a few years break.
Take Your Own - What The Hell Is Thug Hardcore Mosh Anyway?
Manic, heavy, technical skate punk from Melbourne, Australia. One of our favourite hardcore punk bands at present, and also featuring on the totally excellent ‘Restless Years’ compilation mention elsewhere on the blog. If this song doesn't have your adrenaline flowing, and have you smashing things up, then chances are you’re already dead.
Black Lodge Annihilation Squad - 5 In The Morning
Hailing from Parts Unknown, another band that are on our very own 0605 Records. Breakdance influenced electro rap, the masters of violent nerdcore doing what they do best, writing killer catchy tunes. This is the kind of music that will have you doing the robot to, best served loud in a room full of smoke and strobe lights.
Jaded Eyes - Divorce
Melodic, yet powerful hardcore punk, screaming emotional vocals and tight tuneful guitars. Jaded Eyes are friends from Leeds, and are making quite the name for themselves since appearing on this compilation, signing to Boss Tunage and releasing their debut album ‘Gods & Monsters’.
Freezy - All That Glitters
The raw talented MC known as Freezy, hailing from Connecticut, teams up with UK champion free style rapper Olde English on this laid back, head bopping hip hop track, telling the story of broken dreams. Excellent wordplay, great flows, and catchy as hell, this is well constructed underground hip hop at its best.
Trempant - Sempre Endavant
Trempant hail from the autonomous community of Catalonia, these rebels with a cause have 18 years of playing punk rock flowing through their veins, and enough anger, energy and positivity to write the perfect punk rock protest songs. Aimed at their anger at the Spanish government, this song will have you raising your fist with them, even if you cant understand a word they’re saying.
 Vanessa Vane - Freak (Put Me On)
With a totally unique sound, big beats and an uncompromising attitude, Vanessa Vane crushes the competition with this soundtrack to Friday night. In your face, tongue in cheek and with more balls than any of her male counter-parts, this youngster from Canada is flexible enough to pull any style off, and leave you with a classic.
Black Diamond - The Phantasm
Head banging hip hop, the MC known as Black Diamond, from Canada, delivers truth filled intelligent rap, with the accuracy and power of a boxers right hook. No compromising, unbreakable rap, with well constructed beats to match, this is as real as hip hop gets.
A Great Notion - Late Nights In The Morning Sun
To end the compilation, our good buddies from Peterborough, A Great Notion, see us out with a folk-punk influenced, drunken sing-a-long, that is uplifting and catchy as hell. This is stripped down, heart-felt, raw and just damn right awesome...

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