Monday, 19 May 2014

A Long Overdue Introduction...

Issue Number 6, from 1998

So, this blog is a month old now, and I thought I'd attempt a few words about the hows and whys about it, because, better late than never.
'My God Can Beat Up Your God' came into existence in the mid/late nineties. I forget exactly when, and I don't have a copy nearby of the original issues to find out, but I'm going to guess about 1995. I could be wrong. It started life as a scrappy, crappy cut 'n' punk rock fanzine, and lasted until (I think) 1999 when I put it to rest as part of a three way split fanzine with 2 other local punk rock fanzines (yes, Thirsk had more than one fanzine back in the '90s). Each issue featured interviews, (often badly written) articles, and some reviews, and was all stuck together with prittstick and taken to the local photocopy shop where I'd print off as many copies as I could afford. Back in the 90s there was no internet (or at least, no one in the punk scene had the internet), and interviews were either conducted by post or scribbled down on note paper at gigs (never could afford a dictaphone). Articles were often whiny views on the world, wrapped up in punk rock politics and full of spelling mistakes. Reviews, which I used to hate doing, were simple, short and not very descriptive, although it was fun getting so much free stuff to review, vinyl, cds and tapes from punk bands worldwide who would trust me to fairly judge and promote their product. The scene needed fanzines back in those dark days, its one of the reasons punk rock stayed so vibrant and healthy, it was a glue that helped keep it from dying. Or so us 'zine editors would tell ourselves. Truth is, it was just fun doing them.
And that's why I started this blog. I'm not here to promote any particular scene, just promote things I really enjoy, be it punk rock, hip hop, wrestling, MMA, B-movies, conspiracies, whatever takes my fancy at the time. I know covering such a wide, varied range of subjects is just as likely to put off people from the bog, as it is to draw people in, but I'm not doing this for other people, I'm doing this for my own personal enjoyment, because I find writing fun, because I enjoy interviewing people I'm inspired by, and because I want to share my interests and enjoyments with anyone who's willing to read about them, whether thats 2 people or 200 people. 
I'm not here to make the world a better place. I know this blog is going to get lost in an ocean of internet crap. And its certainly not as cool as having an actual physical printed fanzine. But it is free, instant, accesabe to anyone who has an internet connection, and more importantly I'm enjoying the hellout of doing it.
Here's to the next month, and as many after that, until I run out of awesome things to cover...

Aaron BeatUp
May 2014

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