Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Maid Of Ace (Interview)

Attitude laced snarly punk rock & roll, played by 4 beautiful and drunk punk rock ladies - how could I not want an interview with these? Maid Of Ace, hailing from Hasting, UK, are gaining attention and recognition on the punk rock circuit, and with the release of their debut album, and a bunch of killer videos, these girls are looking unstoppable right now, as they head to Germany for a tour at the end of May... So do yourself a favour, check out their stuff, buy the album and go see them live, you'll thank me for it...

1: How and when did Maid Of Ace start? Were you in previous bands, or is this your first one?
Maid of Ace started at the dawn of time, we always have and always will be this band.... Until we kill each other!

2: How's the debut album going? Any plans for a vinyl release? Is it up on itunes/spotify, or is it just physical release? 
Our baby's out there already! You can get it from our website or at a show near you!.. It's not up for digital download, we wanted somethin you can hold - would love to do vinyl at a later date, but we got cds for the meantime! We also have a shit load of videos on Youtube if your skint!

3: Being an all girl band, do you ever get blokes looking down on you, or does it ever work in reverse - and you find yourselves getting booked just to 'even the odds/please the right on brigade'? Or is the punk scene passed all that now? 
Not really, I mean we've had the odd sexist pig, or Punk police that 'cant' like us becoz we're girls. We generally attract old school punks that don't give a shit bout image, they just like good music! Being an all girl band obviously your always gona have some men paying attention for that shire fact but thats the same in any case/ boy bands have they're female attention too...its no different.

4: You've got a tour of Germany coming up in May, is this your first tour outside of the UK? Who's it with, and how did it come about? How do you find the UK punk scene, too much negativity, back biting, no money and poor crowds,or do you find it inspiring and fun? 
We do indeed! It kicks off 23rd may! It was organised by Scheolcke promotions - a German booking agency who got in contact with our UK booking agency Headcheck Records. Have a feelin its gonna be somewhat similar to 'the Comic Strip presents Bad News'. Haha, 'I mean, we'd be as rich as the Stones if we sold as many records as them'. We love the UK punk scene, theres not much money in it - coz no one has any! - but its a good hard workin circuit!... Lookin forward to gettin wild with the Germans though!

5: When you're not drinking cider and making a racket, what do you get up to? Is there much to do in Hastings? If you weren't doing Maid Of Ace, what would you see yourself doing? 
Workin! Punk don't pay the bills! Ha, there's not that much to do here unless your a tourist visiting our burnt down pier, but thats why Hastings has a good live music scene.... We're all in this shit'ole but we're all in it together!

6: The classic 'My God Can Beat Up Your God' question - With which folk would you most like to drink, fight & fuck?
Haha ok.....
Anna - I'd drink with Joan Jett, fight anyone that got in the way, and fuck Tank Girl .
Abby - I'd drink with Ramones, fight Mutant Ninja Turtles and fuck Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Amy - I'd drink with Dolly Parton, fight Jolene and fuck Mr Blobby.
Ali - I'd drink, fight and fuck Dee Skusting from 'A Pretty Mess'.... again.

7: Any last words, shout outs, plugs, death threats or parting words of wisdom? And where can the kids get a hold of you, and what you got coming up in the pipelines?
Find us on Youtube, Facebook, our website, at a show near you or down the pub!....

You can find more Maid Of Ace madness at:
Official site:

Youtube Videos:
Spittin Blood video:
Dirty Girl video:
Dickhead video:
Enemy Within video:

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