Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Fred 'The Hammer' Williamson

Fred Williamson is awesome. One of my favourite actors, playing some of the most kick ass characters on the big screen. This man has done it all: he's an accomplished karate expert, he was in the first ever Superbowl back in 1967, he was a commentator on Monday Night Football, he posed for Playgirl in 1973, he's been in a Snoop Dogg music video, and he's fought everything from futuristic barbarians to vampires - he's the ultimate action hero. And he's still kicking ass in his 70s. 
He's one of the stars of my favourite film - The New Barbarians (1982), and has starred in classics action films from the 70s & 80s like 'The Bronx Warriors', 'Vigilante', 'Boss Nigger', the original 'The Inglorious Bastards' and modern films like 'From Dusk Till Dawn' & 'Starsky & Hutch'. And he still directs, produces and stars in films to this day, and runs Po'Boy Productions...
I managed to get a few words with the big guy himself, not the full interview I was hoping for, but lets face it - Fred Williamson is so awesome, he could've told me to fuck off and I'd still be a giddy fan boy...

"Received your request, but damn bro, that's a lot of finger on the keyboard. Anyway..."

From a very early stage, you took control of your own career, and are still writing, producing, directing & staring in films to this day. What made you decide to try your hand at so much in film? Was it a tough move to make?  
My actions and achievements in my life has always started with a plan, the doing and not give a shit what people say or think. I came to Hollywood to be a hero to my already football fans, they were moving too slow to allow me to do that so I started to do my own, and gave Hollywood my three rules: You can't kill me in a movie, I win all my fights, and I get the girl if I want her. I only take roles I want, I can't be bought - my integrity is not for sale, nor is my image. My advise - get a job, and stay away from Hollywood unless you are a strong 'don't give a shit person'... 
The Hammer  
PS. Fights don't happen in my life.



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